Francesca Fiore eating Francesca Fiore taking photos at
                     the Shard in London Francesca Fiore taking photos at  the
                     waterfront in Long Island City in winter

Hi. I'm Francesca.

I'm a native New Yorker, so I'm almost always in a rush and say things like kawfee and tawk. I live in Queens with my husband and my dog, and thanks to my big, Italian family, I'm incapable of cutting a small piece of cake. I eat almond butter and avocados every day, and I'm much more pleasant in the morning after a few cups of chickory coffee.

I come from a long line of incredible cooks. My mother's potato salad is legendary, and nobody can mess with pretty much anything that ever came out of my grandmother's kitchen. My own kitchen is slightly bigger than a postage stamp, so I've developed an impressive and intricate stacking process involving all of my my pots and pans and cans and condiments. It makes the simple act of opening a cabinet door into a bit of an adventure.

Speaking of adventure, I'm always looking for the next one. I've swum in a fjord, partied in a palace, and fallen face first in five feet of snow and ass first down some very old marble steps, although thankfully not at the same time.

And while I lack coordination and grace on my feet, I more than make up for it when riding my bike. It's my favorite way to get around the city and explore. I wear a flashy red helmet, so I cannot be missed. If you see me riding by, say hello.